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For a full day, we suggest a private cruise to Cascais (8 hours cruise)


Leaving from Alcantara harbour at 10:00 am, we make course to Cascais. Two and a half hours sailing ahead.

As we pass under 25 April's bridge, we start seeing Bugio lighthouse and St Julian's fortress, at the end of the river Tagus and halfway to Cascais bay.

Usually, we have a NW wind, so we usually go on engines and sails, on the way to Cascais.


Cascais is the wealthy neighborhood of Lisbon. Used to be a holiday and fishermen's village. It still is a quiet city and it's very nice to go for a troll by the center's old streets.


Cascais bay gives a good shelter for fishermen and so is very appreciated for dropping the anchor and have a swim.


As we stop the engines, lunch is ready to be served. We cook very appreciated typical Portuguese food, with cheese for starter, Bacalhau à Brás and chocolate cake for dessert. Half a bottle of wine per guest.

After lunch, guests can choose from going ashore or staying on board and enjoy the sunbaths until about 3:30 pm.


Time to hoist sails and we usually stop the engines until the entrance of the Tagus. Depending on the wind and tides, we sail or start engines at the entrance of the river and expect to be back to port by 6:00 pm.


€ 600 total for up to six guests, € 90.00 per guest from seven to eleven, € 80.00 from twelve to eighteen guests. Lunch and drinks included. Private(no one else on board). Email for booking and pay 20% by visa (non refundable).

Remain in cash or visa on board.

The boat is old world craftsmanship. We spent the whole day from ten to 5:30 sailing to Cascais and back. At Cascais we then enjoyed a lovely swim, including jumping from boat to the water, a quick trip into town, monument viewing from water. Luis served us a terrific lunch, melons, squid soup, bread and gelato...our teenage kids loved lunch. Some beers,soda, and water completed the experience...Luis came prepared with wine but we aren't huge drinkers so we abstained... the daylong sail is SO worth it.. A great way to see the important sites while still relaxing.

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