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Halcyon I


Built in Belem, in Brites Shipyard, between 1968 and 1970, under G. L. Watson & Co (Glasgow) plan #747.

Three boats were made Worldwide, under this plan. Halcyon I was the last and I lost trace of the other two.

Teak planked given, as a gift, by a friend of the first owner, over laminated oak frames.

Has 9 tons of lead under the keel and had 100A1 certification from Loyd's, until 1986.

Weights 35 tons, is 55 feet long and can accommodate 18 guests on day cruises and 6 guests, sleeping, in overnight cruises.

Is powered by two 6 cylinder 0.400 Leyland 110Hp engines (Thornycroft), that have never been replaced. (same engines used by London buses in 1967)

Has two masts and 900 square feet of canvas, in four sails.

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